Who's Next?

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Who's Next?

Post by Dan_Stonerook »

Hayes, Reynolds, and now Keller.

Who is next to get an extension?

Suwinski? Cruz? Bednar? Skenes? Davis?

This year's performances will be a big deciding factor.

Can Cruz put up the projected 30/30 numbers? Can he play SS?

Is a relief pitcher in Bednar worth an extension?

Is Skenes the real deal? Will he be on the big league club at some point in 24?

Is Davis' bat good enough to warrant playing at catcher? Going forward what will happen with Endy if Davis does have a big year?
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Re: Who's Next?

Post by statscbl »

I wish we would have locked up Cruz 6 months ago when he wasn't playing. I am afraid his price has gone way up. Therefore, I would wait and see if can get back to what he is was before on the field.

Bednar seems like the one that should be next in line. He is a top closer and a great representative for Pittsburgh. That being said, the way closers get injured and don't sustain success for many years, I would be hesitant to lock him up for too long.

The number 3 prospect in baseball Paul Skenes would be my vote to lock him up right away. The number two prospect in baseball Jackson Chourio just signed an 8 year 80 million dollar contract with team options for 2 more years at 25 million each. That just seems like a big win for both sides right now. Just don't wait too long or he will be looking for a Witt Jr contract for 300 million.
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