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Re: PSAC and Div II Football 2022

Posted: Sat Sep 17, 2022 11:11 pm
by Husky1967
Shepherd Prevails Over California in OT ... iller.aspx

490 yards passing for Shepherd's QB Bagent!! Wow!!

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Posted: Sun Sep 18, 2022 12:46 am
by Husky1967
#18 Washburn Defeated by @21 Kearney State in MIAA Action 21--13. ... opers.aspx

Re: PSAC and Div II Football 2022

Posted: Sun Sep 18, 2022 12:18 pm
by Husky1967
Texas A & M Kingsville upsets #14/#19 West Texas A & M ... pener.aspx

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Posted: Sun Sep 18, 2022 9:31 pm
by Husky1967
PSAC Football Schedule (Week Four--Sept 24)

Millersville at West Chester 12 noon video

Edinboro at California 12 noon video

Shepherd at Kutztown 12 noon video

Gannon at Clarion 1:00 PM video

Lock Haven at East Stroudsburg 1;05 PM video

Shippensburg at Bloomsburg 2:00 PM video

Mercyhurst at IUP 4:00 PM video

Seton Hill at Slippery Rock 6:00 PM video

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Posted: Sun Sep 18, 2022 10:01 pm
by Husky1967
Husky's Picks for Week Four PSAC Games

West Chester has no trouble with Millersville.

Edinboro will reap the angry whirlwind at California. Cal wins big.

Kutztown will not be able to curb the passing of Shepherd's QB Bagent!. The Rams beat Kutztown on the Golden Bears' home field.

Gannon waltzes over Clarion.

East Stroudsburg contributes further to LHU's woes.

Bloomsburg at home defeats Shippensburg--the Huskies' longtime nemesis--for a change.

IUP will be too much for Mercyhurst.

Slippery Rock will ravage Seton Hill.

The best game of Week Four will be Shepherd (#5 in the nation) at Kutztown. The rest of the games will probably turn out to be mismatches, except for Shippensburg at Bloomsburg, which is where Husky plans to be come Saturday afternoon. Some commentary later.

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Posted: Mon Sep 19, 2022 1:38 pm
by Husky1967
AFCA Poll for Div II (Conclusion of Week Three)

Scroll down for Division II. Thanks!

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Posted: Mon Sep 19, 2022 11:39 pm
by Husky1967
Kutztown Rallies in the Second half for a 50--31 Win

KUTZTOWN (2-1 , 0-0) -VS- MERCYHURST (2-1 , 0-0)
Team 1 2 3 4 F
Kutztown 3 14 26 7 50
Mercyhurst 7 17 0 7 31
KUT: Blaine,Donny (52), Davis-McNeil,Darryl (120), Kapp,Jerome (32)
MER: Lowery,Michael (109), Alize,David (47), Barmore,Cameron (46)
DATE: 9/17/2022 SITE: Erie, Pennsylvania STADIUM: Saxon Stadium ATTENDANCE: 1347 KICKOFF TIME: 11:58 AM END OF GAME: 03:50 PM DURATION: 03:51 TEMPERATURE: 0 WIND: 0 WEATHER: Sunny
Scoring Summary
Scoring Summary
Qtr Time Scoring Play KUT MER
1st 09:15 MER - Lowery,Michael 16 yd run (Alsobrooks,Brian kick ), 11 plays, 75 yards, TOP 05:45 0 7
1st 03:24 KUT - Coppolino,Nick 31 yd field goal 10 plays, 59 yards, TOP 05:51 3 7
2nd 12:44 MER - Alsobrooks,Brian 18 yd field goal 10 plays, 59 yards, TOP 05:15 3 10
2nd 09:12 MER - Kerbacher,Joe 30 yd pass from Lowery,Michael (Alsobrooks,Brian kick ) 4 plays, 36 yards, TOP 02:10 3 17
2nd 04:47 KUT - Davis-McNeil,Darryl 3 yd run (Coppolino,Nick kick ), 9 plays, 64 yards, TOP 04:19 10 17
2nd 03:23 KUT - Davis-McNeil,Darryl 15 yd run (Coppolino,Nick kick ), 2 plays, 25 yards, TOP 00:33 17 17
2nd 00:05 MER - Shoaf,Dustin 2 yd run (Alsobrooks,Brian kick ), 11 plays, 68 yards, TOP 03:13 17 24
3rd 12:32 KUT - Davis,Jordan 14 yd run ( ), 4 plays, 20 yards, TOP 02:17 23 24
3rd 06:00 KUT - Davis-McNeil,Darryl 2 yd run ( ), 6 plays, 43 yards, TOP 02:54 29 24
3rd 04:52 KUT - Davis,Jordan 10 yd run (Evitts,Dawson kick ), 1 plays, 10 yards, TOP 00:06 36 24
3rd 04:06 KUT - Lloyd,Antaun 33 yd interception (Evitts,Dawson kick ) 43 24
4th 14:56 KUT - Davis-McNeil,Darryl 4 yd run (Evitts,Dawson kick ), 5 plays, 34 yards, TOP 02:26 50 24
4th 01:19 MER - Hill,Justin 8 yd pass from Carter,Joe (Alsobrooks,Brian kick ) 6 plays, 45 yards, TOP 02:21 50 31
50 31

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Posted: Mon Sep 19, 2022 11:48 pm
by Husky1967
PSAC Football Athletes for Week Three ... eek-3.aspx

Scroll down for Football

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Posted: Tue Sep 20, 2022 12:30 am
by Husky1967
Some PSAC Commentary

it would appear at first that in the PSAC East that Shepherd was without question the team to beat< After three weeks, however, that is not really a lead pipe cinch. The Rams have to show up at Kutztown this coming weekend and take on the Golden Bears on their home field, which is hardly an easy assignment. Both teams at home have taken on and defeated a tough California team. Husky sees this game as a toss-up with the key being how much of a game QB Bagent will have for Shepherd. Nobody has had any success up till now limiting his passing prowess. If Kutztown can do so, they will have a shot at winning the game. A further note on Kutztown is they have the most challenging schedule in the entire PSAC this year, having to play Assumption--an always tough team from the Northeast 10, California from the PSAC West, Shepherd a highly ranked PSAC East rival, West Chester in the East who can always rise to an occasion, and lastly Slippery Rock--the best of the West-- the last game of the season.

Moving on, Bloomsburg at 1--2 has had the misfortune of losing--in just three games played--two overtime games--one of which was to FCS opponent Stonehill. The Huskies could just as well be 3--0 at this juncture. West Chester--a young team--is coming along as witnessed by the win over Gannon on the road thanks to a great performance by their running back MacKenzie. it was somewhat astounding to see Lock Haven be overwhelmed by winless Clarion this past week. I don't think anybody expected that sort of a one-sided outcome--especially on LHU's homecoming. Kutztown has already been mentioned, but Mercyhurst raised a few eyebrows with their first half performance against the Golden Bears. IUP and Slippery Rock pretty much had things their own way against Millersville and Shippensburg respectively. East Stroudsburg's Warriors got the win over Seton hill, which was very much anticipated. Not to be forgotten is California who opened with a season opening win, but has since suffered two heartbreaking losses to Kutztown and Shepherd. It is suspected that Edinboro, Cal's next opponent, will be in for a long day when they play the angry Vulcans this weekend. That's all for now Hope many of you can get to see a PSAC game in person this coming weekend. Husky will be taking in the Bloomsburg--Shippensburg game, but he is also very tempted to forego alma mater loyalties and show up in Berks County for the big encounter between Kutztown and Shepherd.
Husky will be late posting the coming weekend, as he will most likely be staying over Saturday night in Bloomsburg and returning home until Sunday. Have a great PSAC weekend.

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Posted: Tue Sep 20, 2022 2:31 pm
by Husky1967 Division II Football Poll September 20 ... 9-20-2022/

#24 Bowie State lost to unranked Shaw 17--14

#15 Minnesota State lost to unranked Northern State 23--22

Hence Bowie State fell out of the Top 25 and Minnesota State fell to #23.

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Posted: Fri Sep 23, 2022 5:47 pm
by Husky1967
Games Involving Two Top 25 Teams in the Country in Week Four

#22 West Texas A & M at #4 Angelo State Angelo state wins this one. Simply a better team

#7 Harding at #9 Ouachita Baptist This is most likely, if not, the biggest game of the year in the Great American Conference. Both teams thrive on their ground games, as is well known and allow less than 100 yards per game defensively; but Ouachita has a QB who can throw the ball with more than than average success. His name is Riley Harms and he is 15--17 in his last two games with 5 TDS to his credit. Ouachita is also playing at home. Husky is going with Ouachita to win this game, in spite of a slightly lower ranking. This game is available for computer viewing. Check with the Ouachita Athletic website for details. There is possibly a charge, but it should be worth having a look. Starting time for the game is 8:00 PM EDT.

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Posted: Sun Sep 25, 2022 3:47 pm
by Husky1967
PSAC 1football Scores from Week Four

Husky is now back from his trip to Bloomsburg, where he saw the Huskies with a VERY disappointing performance fall to Shippensburg. More will be said later in Husky's commentary. The tailgate party was, however, really great renewing friendships and acquaintances with many, whom Husky has not seen or heard from in quite a while. Also lots of great food--not to mention plenty with which to quaff one's thirst. :D On to the scores.

West Chester 26 Millersville 14 Closer than many anticipated

California 49 Edinboro No surprise here, California took no prisoners after a couple of tough losses.

Shepherd 42 Kutztown 35. This game must have been a ripsnorter. It must have been great to watch. Husky can't wait to see the stats.
This win should put Shepherd in the driver's seat to win the East!

Gannon 47 Clarion 24 After a win over LHU, Clarion reverted to it losing ways. No surprise.

East Stroudsburg 48 Lock Haven 7 Another ;ong year for the Bald eagles.

Shippensburg 31 Bloomsburg 17 The Huskies had no answer for Ship's passing game. This was a game some thought the Huskies might have
a shot at winning after some tough losses. Not so.

IUP 33 Mercyhurst 16 A respectable showing once a gain by the guys from Erie, but now quite enough.

Slippery Rock 30 Seton Hill 2 As anticipated. SRU rolls on toward the as always great match-ups with Cal and IUP, which in turn could
lead to a PSAC championship game with Shepherd.

Husky picked 6 of 8 games correctly to up his record to 28--11. He misfired on the Bloomsburg--Shippensburg game and also with the Kutztown--Shepherd game.

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Posted: Sun Sep 25, 2022 3:51 pm
by Husky1967
Kutztown Drops Shootout with Shepherd ... 42-35.aspx

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Posted: Sun Sep 25, 2022 4:08 pm
by Husky1967
Bloomsburg Loses Disappointingly to Shippensburg ... sburg.aspx

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Posted: Sun Sep 25, 2022 9:38 pm
by Husky1967