Interesting event a Quiz Bowl Nationals this Weekend

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Interesting event a Quiz Bowl Nationals this Weekend

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I just had to share this on this page. I sponsor the Quiz Bowl Team where I teach and this week was Nationals, normally held in Atlanta, but on Zoom due to Covid.

I think the Board will like this story 🙂
Two things you need to know:
1) My Quiz Bowl guys know me well, where I am from, what I like and dislike etc.

2) Much like the nerd stereotype, most Quiz Bowl players are not into sports, and only a small percentage of the questions deal with sports or pop culture.

Ok, I was watching my B Team in their first match and it was a neck and neck battle to the final question, Question #20. The way Quiz Bowl scoring works is both teams have the chance to answer a "toss up question" for fifteen or ten points, depending on how early in the question you answer. A correct answer earns the team the right to answer three ten point bonus questions. for a total of 30 points.

The game was neck and neck and we were clinging to a ten point lead going into the 3rd bonus question of Question 19, when my "Literature Guy" missed a total slam dunk "Brevity is the soul of ____" and he missed it! Ugh 🙁

So Question 20 and we are clinging to a ten point lead. If the other team gets the toss up early for 15, we are toast. Well, neither team gets it in the bonus and they other team gets if for ten. We are now tied. If they get on bonus, we lose the game.

Here comes the bonus: (I don't remember the exact wording of the questions but here is the general gist)

Question #1. Barney Dreyfuss was the original owner of this baseball franchise.....also members of the Louisville Colonels and the Alleghenies, and played in the first World Series, losing to the Boston Pilgrims in 1903 (On Zoom my team has a frozen look on their face, as they know this one) Other team answers "New York Yankees" (In my mind I hear the late Dutch Rennart behind the plate, "STE-RIKE ONE!")

Question #2 Fred Clarke and this Hall of Famer were leaders on that 1903 World Series team, who had the nickname of "The Flying Dutchman." (My team is squirming, they know this one as well) Other team answers, "Babe Ruth" (Dutch does his "step out and point towards first base" move, STEE-RIKE TWO!!!!!)

Question #3 Wagner played this important infield position that was also played by Derek Jeter. (Team can't believe their luck so far as the other team discusses this in their five second discussion window.) Other team settles on "First Base." (Dutch rings em up with STEEEEEE-RIKE THREEEEEEEEE!)

My boys dodged that bullet and went on to win the game in overtime. Also ironically the scorekeeper for that Zoom round lives in Pittsburgh, having done his residency there in the early 2000s! 🙂
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