Ranking the first round picks

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Ranking the first round picks

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So, I decided to look back at the 1st round picks for the Pirates since 2000 since the draft is next month. I ranked my top 10 and my bottom 5. Agree? Disagree?


10. Paul Maholm -(tie) No. 8 pick in 2003 (77-100, 4.30 ERA, 1.405) - Made 273 MLB appearances. Proof if you are a lefty pitcher you can hang around forever. Maholm was a nibbler. But he did have some pretty good seasons. Longevity gets him on this list.

Pick could have been: Adam Jones

10. Kevin Newman (tie) - No. 19 pick in 2015 (.267/.312/.677) - solid SS who should have a 10-year career in MLB (might not be with the Pirates), but you probably expected more when they took him out of U of Arizona. One of the reasons he made the list is because there isn't much to choose from. Lots of busts/

Pick could have been: Walker Buehler

9. Sean Burnett - No. 19 pick in 2000 (15-23, 3.52 ERA, 1.206 WHIP) - Started 15 games his rookie season then missed 3 seasons with injury. When he came back, he was a very good lefty out of the pen for the Bucs and then the Nationals and Angels. Again, not what you expect from a first round pick, but a solid major leaguer who might have been even better if not for the injury issue.

Pick could have been: Adam Wainwright

8. Jameson Tallion - No. 2 pick in 2010 (30-27, 3.79 ERA, 1.200 WHIP) - What could have been. If it wasn't for the injuries, he probably would be the top 5. The second injury might have ruined him though. The numbers are great and 15-year career was possible, but he will never be considered a top MLB pitcher just because of the health issue. Feel bad for him and the Bucs that it never worked out, but they defintely made a solid pick.

Pick could have been: Christian Yelich

7. Nick Gonzales - No. 7 pick in 2020 - This ranking is purely spectulation, but I think Gonazles will be an 12-year MLB player and will be an all-star with the Pirates at 2B. No doubt he could fall apart, but he could also be the real deal. The guy has hit everywhere he has been and is doing the same thing in Greensboro. Don't be surprised if he is the starting 2B in 2022 which would give the Pirates an amazing half an infield for the forseeable future.

Pick could have been: Nobody yet

6. Pedro Alvarez - No. 2 pick in 2008 (.236/.310/.447) - Yes, he was disappointing for the second pick. He hit 162 home runs during his nine-year career and was very frustrating for Pirates fans. But he still was a legit major league player, but he did make an All-Star team and led the NL in home runs in 2013.

Pick could have been: Buster Posey

5. Ke'Bryan Hayes - No. 45 pick in 2015 (.367/.441/.689) - The numbers early are positive and the glove is golden. He is considered a top 10 prospect entering 2021. He can still be a bust, but it doesn't look like. I think he ends up winning 4 or 5 Golden Gloves and is an All-Star for at least five seasons. Has a chance to be the next Cutch as far as the face of the Pirates.

Pick could have been: Paul DeJong

4. Austin Meadows - No. 9 pick in 2013 (.267/.341/.503) - Okay, NH made a great pick in 2013 selecting him and then screwed it up when he was traded to the Rays. No doubt Meadows can hit and no doubt if he is healthy he will have a 12-year MLB career minimum. Cost NH his job as it should have.

Pick could have been: Aaron Judge

3. Neil Walker - No. 11 pick in 2004 (.267/.338/.426) - When he was selected, there were some groans that the Pirates took him because he was a local kid. Walker proved everyone wrong. A 12-year major league career and he was solid. Never made an all-star team. Never won a gold glove. But always played hard and always put up decent numbers. He will go down in Pirates history as a fan-favorite and true pro.

Pick could have been: Dustin Pedroia

2. Gerrit Cole - No. 1 pick in 2011 (106-56, 3.03 ERA, 1.102 WHIP) - No doubt the Pirates hit a home run with the selection of Cole. He has been one of the best pitchers in MLB over the last five seasons. His path was also predicted by most Pirates fans. Will be solid with the Pirates and eventually will leave for a huge contract with the Yankees (or someone). The Pirates pre-empted that with the trade to Houston and probably didn't get the greatest return, but there is little doubt Cole has been the real deal.

Pick could have been: Trevor Bauer

1. Andrew McCutchen - No. 11 pick in 2005 (.284/.376/.477) - Won't make the Hall of Fame, but is one level below it. A very good MLB player for his whole career and the face of the Pirates for almost a decade. Is there really a complaint about him? Played hard, had production, helped his teams win and was a first-class citizen. Maybe he will come back to Pittsburgh when he retires and sign a one-day contract to retire a Buc.

Pick could have been: Nobody


This list was actually harded because a ton of candidates:

5. Barrett Barnes - No. 45 pick in 2012 - Who? He was only supplemental 1st round pick, but never made the big leagues. His minor league numbers weren't awful, but you have to wonder why he never made it. Played 7 minor league seasons.

Pick could have been: Jesse Winkler

4. John Van Benschoten - No. 8 pick in 2001 (2-13, 9.20 ERA, 2.144 WHIP) - The Pirates didn't really make a mistake taking JVB. They made a mistake making him a pitcher. If they drafted him as a hitter, he might have been Babe Ruth or Willie Mays (wink, wink). One thing was for sure, he was a bad pitcher.

Pick could have been: David Wright

3. Bryan Bullington - No. 1 pick in 2002 (1-9, 5.23 ERA, 1.580 WHIP) - His MLB career was short, but the No. 1 pick in the draft can't make 26 career appearances.

Pick could have been: Zach Greinke or Cole Hamels

2. Daniel Moskos - No. 4 pick in 2007 (1-1, 2.96 ERA, 1.562 WHIP) - The face of David Littlefield's failure. (Fired after making that pick) Look at Moskos MLB numbers. They were decent, but they drafted him as a relief pitcher with No. 4. He was never even projected to be an impact major league player.

Pick could have been: Madison Baumgarner

1. Tony Sanchez - No. 4 pick in 2009 (.257/.301/.375) - Sanchez wasn't a bad catcher. He was just a bad selection at No. 4. His defense was solid but not gold glove. His offense was questionable. He ended up playing 52 games in MLB. But for a pick that high, that's unacceptable. He gets to be No. 1 on this list because of the players selected after him including that guy below.

Pick could have been: Mike Trout
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Re: Ranking the first round picks

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Fun read Bucco.
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Re: Ranking the first round picks

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The could have been picks are interesting but I am more interested in who the consensus 1st round pick should have been versus what the Bucs did in that particular year. There have been stars over the years that were considered reaches in round 1 but then hindsight kicks in and we facepalm lol
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