Madison's 7-inning No Hitter

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Madison's 7-inning No Hitter

Post by val »

So, should Bumgarner's no-no be listed as an official no hitter?

I say yes. Baseball changed double header games to 7 innings. That is the official game length. He didn't allow a hit over the entire frame. It's a no-hitter.

By ruling that it's not a no-hitter, MLB is saying a seven inning game ain't a real game.
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Re: Madison's 7-inning No Hitter

Post by jollyroger »

I say yes. He did everything he could have given the parameters of the game in front of him. Note that it's a 7 inning game in the book but it's still a no hitter.
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Re: Madison's 7-inning No Hitter

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Rule says a no-hitter is a complete game of at least 9 IP where the pitcher gives up no hit. Should games called on account of rain after 5 innings give rise to a no-hitter? After all, the game is over and the pitcher did all he could given the parameters he faced.

The rule is a complete game of at least 9 innings pitched. That's the rule. And that's why Harvey Haddix is not credited with a no-hitter.
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Re: Madison's 7-inning No Hitter

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It's a no hitter just like the one hitter in the game previously... 8-)
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Re: Madison's 7-inning No Hitter

Post by statscbl »

I think they need a separate category for non-9 inning no hitters. A 9 inning no hitter is way more difficult in today's game. I am guessing 90% of the pitchers that have a no hitters through 7 innings do not complete a 9 inning no hitter. Most of the time they get taken out or give up a hit. However since MLB decide 7 innings is a complete game, technically how can it not be a no-hitter? In my opinion, it is a no hitter. However, to be fair to the guys that have thrown 9-inning no hitters, it should be documented in a different category.
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