MLB Rule Votes Today-What are your thoughts?

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Re: MLB Rule Votes Today-What are your thoughts?

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GreenWeenie wrote: Mon Mar 13, 2023 5:48 pm Because I watch only so often- and, not at all this ST- 'll ask others who have: do you think that the shift elimination has made much of a difference?
The positive- I have seen a few diving stops in the infield which results in more exciting plays.
The negative- I have seen several grounders right up the middle which were routine ground outs. The shortstop is playing one step off of second.
The reality-Teams aren't showing their shift strategies in spring training, but I am guessing once the season starts we will see left fielders playing a shallow right field for certain players.
I am hoping- They will put in shift rules for the outfield as well and stricter shift rules for infielders next year.
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Re: MLB Rule Votes Today-What are your thoughts?

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I wonder the overall effect.

We may (which means- may not, too) see more on base activity.

But, that doesn't necessarily mean a noticeable difference in scoring.

Fans want to see activity, so that could be positive.

I guess we'll find out- is it something.....or, is it a whole bunch of nothing?
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