Talent Hole in the Rebuild

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Talent Hole in the Rebuild

Post by Corsair »

It's time to look at just what little return the Pirates got at the top in those middle of the decade drafts (13-18). The only quality ones were given away (Meadows and Baz), Connor Joe and Tucker from 14, Tucker cant' hit and looks like he has no future here. Joe is now with his 6th team I believe. Newman is doing well, but Kramer was a dud. Their pick in 16 didn't sign, Will Craig at 26 has a cup of coffee in the Majors and isn't looking anything like a franchise player. That's a huge gap in the talent pipeline that we are seeing as the team rebuilds.
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Re: Talent Hole in the Rebuild

Post by Ralphie »

Huntington definitely left the team in a deep hole, but the process of climbing out is well underway.

I think the big thing for the Pirates is to get the minor leagues back to playing baseball. It's hard to develop talent without that structure in place and fully functional.
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