Ke'Bryan Hayes

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Ke'Bryan Hayes

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As much as i REALLY want Ke'Bryan Hayes to blossom into the player that he was projected to be, I must say that I'm souring on him. For many of the same reasons that I never thought Jose Tabata was going to have much offensive success at the ML level, I am seeing that in Hayes as well. His swing of keeping his hands back, thus having an inside out swing, is great for pitches middle to outside, but you can't use that same swing for inside pitches without hitting many weak grounders and pop ups. What is even worse is that he still can't lay off of the low outside unhittable pitch.

I also think that his defense is a bit over-rated. Don't get me wrong, he is a very very good fielding third baseman, but he is not the "just hand him the Gold Glove every year" fielder that they would have us think. I'm starting to think that we might be better off with Castro at third. I'm thinking if Hayes has another year like this next year, I'd be ready to move on.
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Re: Ke'Bryan Hayes

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Love the post. We need more posts like this that should raise discussion. Here was my take when we brought him up a couple years ago. In the minors he was a lifetime .279 hitter with only 27 homers in 1755 at bats with a solid glove and he could steal some bases. To me, that is the guy we have at third. He dipped below .250 this year which causes some concern. Two trips to the IL might have something to do with his swing.

I think his major league debut of 5 homers and a .376 average in 2020 got everybody excited and the bar was probably raised too high. I can say he is one of the most consistent fielders to wear a Pirate uniform in quite a while. His hitting does need to improve.
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Re: Ke'Bryan Hayes

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He's 25. Still time to get better. In two years if we are still having this discussion, then there is an issue.
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Re: Ke'Bryan Hayes

Post by NDBuc28 »

With very few stars on this team, Hayes is probably taking it upon himself to be one of the leaders on this team.

At this point in his career he is more of a role player and less of a face of the franchise type player.

If you surround him, Reynolds, and Cruz with some better talent around them, watch out, that three headed monster could cause some serious damage.

With that being said, I totally agree with you.

I don’t know how many times Hayes has come up with runners in scoring position recently and failed to deliver. Yesterday against the Brewers he was up with bases juiced and grounded into the DP to end the inning. That swing of his might keep defenses honest, but he should be driving those inside pitches instead of hitting the week grounders and soft pop ups.

I still have a ton of faith in the guy!!
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Re: Ke'Bryan Hayes

Post by urbanexplorer »

His swing and his results skew so heavily toward ground balls. He is a prime candidate for our hitting coaches to earn their money and see if his swing can be changed to hit more liners or more flyballs.
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Re: Ke'Bryan Hayes

Post by Ralphie »

Out hitting coaches are terrible and need to be replaced, again. But that's a different topic.

While Hayes has been disappointing as a hitter, I'm not close to wanting to replace him.

I like Castro at second. I like the power potential. The game has evolved to where scoring is more difficult, so the instant offense is even more important.
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