Excerpts from the Post Gazette

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Excerpts from the Post Gazette

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...Mr. Fontana, the SEA board chair, said the relationship between gate and concession revenues and player salaries likely will “add fuel to the fire” to arguments that Mr. Nutting doesn’t spend enough money on the team.

Given that those revenues increase the more Pirates win, he said he doesn’t understand why Mr. Nutting doesn’t invest more to field better teams each year.

“I can’t figure out the logic. I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to put better players on the field now instead of saying ‘next year, next year, next year.’ Why aren’t you going after quality free agents? Why not sign players to make the team more competitive, bring fans in?” he asked.

Bob Cranmer, a former county commissioner who backed the plan used to finance the construction of PNC Park as well as Heinz Field, said it was implied when the deal was made that the Pirates would use the revenues generated from the ballpark to be competitive.

For the most part, that hasn’t happened, he contended.

“They have the best baseball park in the nation. We made it possible so that it could be built, and they haven’t lived up to their commitment at all,” he said."...
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