Welcome to the UPPMB

Talk Pittsburgh Pirates baseball with fans from around the world. Discuss major league and minor league baseball as well.
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Welcome to the UPPMB

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Welcome to the UPPMB! After a brief hiatus, we have redone the board for Pittsburgh Pirates fans to discuss the Buccos and their organization. We have some rules you need to follow in order to be a part of the community. If you adhere to these rules, you are more than welcome to post as much as possible. This community has existed for 25 years and has some of the best Pirates fans in the world.

Some of the rules:

-Be courteous. Treat fellow board members like you wanted to be treated. Rude and obnoxious behavior will not be tolerated

-Keep it clean. We expect your discussions to not contain profanity or other topics that don't revolve around the Pittsburgh Pirates and baseball.

-Privacy. This is a private board. We don't have to let anyone post. We have a committee of five board members that have been a part of the UPPMB Community for decades. If you are in violation of our terms, the committee will decide your fate. Warnings will be given. Suspensions would be next and then Expulsion. The decisions of the committee are final. You don't like it? We don't care!

-The Pittsburgh Pirates have been around a long time and have an amazing history. Yes, the franchise has struggled, but if you are a true fan we want you here to share opinions and commentary. Although criticism is allowed if warranted, if you want to come here and post the same negative drivel every day, please take it somewhere else.
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Re: Welcome to the UPPMB

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Ahhhhhhh!!! I love this!!!
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Re: Welcome to the UPPMB

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Finally, the UPPMB is back to the top of the morning website rotation!!!
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Re: Welcome to the UPPMB

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Re: Welcome to the UPPMB

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Life is good again.

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Re: Welcome to the UPPMB

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Watched the replay of the game last night. I think that we are going to live Hayes. Setting aside his HR, the piece of hitting to right field on what should have been a ho-hum SAC fly was first-rate. Total brain fart by the base runner. Frankly, inexcusable. Glad it didn’t come back to haunt.

Always hate the day after Opening Day. Buzz kill.

Cheers all!!!!
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Re: Welcome to the UPPMB

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Hi, I'm new here. Or maybe not.

Where do I find the 1000 Nutting threads?
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Re: Welcome to the UPPMB

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This place is almost non-existent, but I'm sure making me login every time I visit will increase traffic. :roll:
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Re: Welcome to the UPPMB

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Hi everyone. Glad to join up with you great Bucco fans!!
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