Good Morning!

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IA Pirate
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Good Morning!

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It's been a looooong time since I've been back to UPPMB. This place was my absolute favorite website for many, many years. I met some really great people and still keep in contact with some. Over time the message board became pretty toxic and I was using computers less and less. What was once my go-to place to talk became a place I only went to out of habit, then I quit altogether.

I hope things are going well here. Our dreadful Buccos are still close to our hearts, even in the bad years. I'll try to visit more often. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays fellow Bucco fans!

IA Pirate
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Re: Good Morning!

Post by Dan_Stonerook »

Good to see you on here again!
I hope to see more of you next season.

Happy Holidays to you!
Va. Pirate
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Re: Good Morning!

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Welcome back. I have been gone sometime as well. Merry Christmas to you and your family as well
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Re: Good Morning!

Post by Ralphie »

Brighter days are ahead for the Pirates, and hopefully, once the labor agreement is settled, for this board as well. Merry Christmas!
Wildwood Dave
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Re: Good Morning!

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The holiday spirit brings out the best in everyone :D
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