No more postseason for me

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bucco boy
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No more postseason for me

Post by bucco boy »

I haven't watch much because I don't get TBS, but I won't watch another pitch with these four teams still left.

Dodgers - The new Yankees. Buy. Buy. Buy.

Red Sox - Massholes. Obnoxious fan base. Spend. Spend. Spend

Astros - Cheaters

Braves - Tomahawk Chop. Francisco Cabrera. Yuck

When's Opening Day?

The Bucs Are Going All The Way, All The Way, All The Way
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Re: No more postseason for me

Post by statscbl »

One could argue the Red Sox are bigger cheater than the Astros, the Astros were just dumber and more smug about it. One year the Red Sox get caught stealing signs on their ipads. Then after their big warning, they caught stealing signs through technology in 2018 in their world series victory. Manfred gave them a slap on the wrist. In my opinion when someone mentions cheaters, the Astros and Red Sox should be mentioned together.
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Re: No more postseason for me

Post by Ralphie »

I like the Dodgers for some reason. I think its the blue uniforms.
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