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Animal's Goat and Stars for 04/14
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Author:  Animal [ Sun Apr 15, 2012 9:58 am ]
Post subject:  Animal's Goat and Stars for 04/14

Another tough loss. I think they have almost all been tough losses, games we could have won.

Star #3: GJones... comes in to PH in a critical situation...could have been the Bucs last out in the 9th with the game tied. Instead, he gets a hit and steals second, giving the Bucs the winning run in scoring position. All for not, but he did his job.

Star #2: Grilli. Came into a tied game, kept it that way by working a perfect inning, with 2 strikeouts. Threw 22 pitches with 17 strikes.

Star #1: Neil Walker. Finally came through int he clutch, with a 2 run single with 2 outs in the 1st. Went 2-4 with 2 RBI.

Honorable Mention: Despite the loss, some guys still did their jobs to keep the game close. Watson went 1 inning and gave up a hit. No runs. He also threw 10 strikes out of 11 pitches. That's what we need most from our relievers. Strikes. Cruz worked a scoreless 7th. He walked a couple, and threw more balls than strikes, but also had a K and kept the Giants off the scoreboard.

Loss: Resop.

Goat: A few candidates here. I am giving it to Resop. Despite no help from the defense or the umpires, he did not do his job at all. He faced 4 batters and did not get any of them out. Again, I think the umpire did not help him at all, but half of Resop's 20 pitches were balls. It should not have even come to Barmes's error. Speaking of Barmes....I am giving him a "mini goat" His error let in the winning run, although it should have been handled by Barajas. Barmes also went 0-4, with a K and left a guy stranded on third base in the 4th. Since we are talking about Barmes, our biggest free agent signing, he is hitting .087, while Cedeno is hitting .429 for the Mets with no errors. I'm just sayin... And finally, another "mini goat" goes to our OTHER big Free Agent signing...Barajas. Yes, the throw was low, but he had plenty of time, and should have caught the ball to at least keep the winning run from scoring. But in reality, he should have caught the ball and gotten a DP. He has to shoulder some of the blame. Oh, and this big free agent signing is hitting even worse than the other.... .050. We had enough in-house options at C that could have battled for the back-up job behind McHenry instead of bringing in Barajas. But those are arguments for another post, another day. Let's pull out a win in the finale Sunday. Go Bucs.

Presley 5.5
ACutch 5.0
Cruz 5.0
Meek 3.5
Correia 3.0
GJones 2.0
McGeehee 2.5
Walker 2.0
Karstens 2.0
Hanrahan 2.0
McDonald 2.0
Watson 2.0
Barmes 2.0
Grilli 1.5
Hague 1.0
Bedard 1.0
Harrison 0.5
McHenry 0.5
Barajas -0.5
Alvarez - 0.5
Resop -0.5

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