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 Post subject: Re: MLB 2K10 or MLB The Show 10
PostPosted: Sun Mar 07, 2010 2:04 am 
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Picked up MLB 10 The Show for PS3 myself. Review coming soon...

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 Post subject: Re: MLB 2K10 or MLB The Show 10
PostPosted: Sun Mar 07, 2010 5:17 am 
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After toying with The Show 10 for a few hours this evening, these are my thoughts:

General gameplay - The game plays a little tighter. The game itself didn't really need tweaks in this department but just after playing a little while I think that the gameplay has become tighter. I had some issues with fielding when I played and I'm not sure if that is because I am not used to fielding (I usually play manager only mode) or that they changed something. Either way, I like the changes they made gameplay wise and they aren't really all that apparent. It's more of a feeling than anything else. You can't really put a finger on any adjustments they made.

Road to the Show - Essentially this mode is the same as it was before except you can now be a catcher and call the game. I tried this and thought it was pretty cool, however, when I do road to the show mode I usually skip fielding and baserunning and just hit at least until I get into the majors. The baserunning chews up a lot of time and I just don't like it all that much and the fielding is OK but I would rather just play through the minor league games without having to do it. With that said, I wouldn't want to be a catcher because you have to play the entire game for the mode to really be noticed. If not, you're back where you were - not playing the field as a catcher. Some people will like this mode but I would just rather be a pitcher who only starts every once in a while if I am going to get really involved in a single game. It dramatically cuts down on the time it takes to get to the MLB if you are a pitcher. It would take forever if you were a catcher and actually played all the games and caught.

Another interesting note is that a change they implemented this year has to do with the baserunning in road to the show mode. I didn't check it out because I didn't get on base. Baserunning in that mode was pretty bad for me last year so I skipped it all together. I would be willing to try it if the new controls are better.

Franchise - I'm a big franchise person in sports games. In this series, I have discovered that I like to play manager mode. I will sim a bunch of games and then every once in a while turn it on and just manage out the game while I'm doing schoolwork or whatever. It's nice because you don't have a really active job to do as a manager and obviously you've got decisions to make in the late goings. It's really fun when they pay off. Anyhow, manager mode goes hand in hand with franchise mode for me because you get to build the team like a GM and then watch those moves pay off (or not) without any human interference. I just put the players in the position to succeed rather than succeed for them. Franchise mode, like the rest of the game didn't get a huge overhaul. What it did get that I think is noteable, though, is a little change in the AI trade logic. In The Show 09, I was able to build the Pirates into the best franchise in all of baseball (you take over as 29th) by 2013. Most of what I had accomplished was through salary dump trades which netted me prime prospects. In real life, teams aren't going to want to give up their A potential players for overpaid, over 30 players. I tried to gauge the interest the Rays had in a trade like that this year and they didn't even have a bit of interest. I'm just a little worried they went too far.

I will post about the Pirates team in this year's game tomorrow.

What you may want to know about the Pirates - As expected, the Pirates MLB team is one of the worst in the game (29/30 I believe). I still think the team is better overall than last year. What's kind of striking is that the pitching staff isn't very good at all. They rated Dotel very highly and Duke is fairly well rated. The other pitchers are average at best (and I guess Duke is kind of average when you look at the game's other really good arms). The bullpen looks pretty bad other than Dotel. Donnelly isn't in the game because he was one of the scab workers during the strike in the 90s, thus barring him from being a member of the MLBPA and having his likeness used in the game, etc. I think that hurts the bullpen pretty badly.

McCutchen is a very high potential player. Believe it or not, though, they rated Garrett Jones higher than him to start. I found this very interesting. They also upped Milledge this year from a B potential player to an A potential player in franchise mode. If you haven't played the series before, past iterations have focused immensely on the potential grade of a player. It seemed like that was all you truly had to worry about in the draft or trades. Milledge getting bumped up means his ceiling is a lot higher as a player which is nice. There was a big difference last year between A potential players (McCutchen, Alvarez) and B potential players - Aki Iwamura. Another thing to note here is that a lot of players in this year's game are rated with lower potential - Ohlendorf for example is a B rated player with D potential. Players can (and could last year) exceed the potential rating (I did it with David Price whom I acquired in a trade from the Rays) but it was pretty rare. This year a lot of guys are rated right off at higher levels than their potential indicates which would seem to indicate that young guys will pull the same move off with more frequency than last year.

I'm a little disappointed with the uniforms this year. Every year, they can't get the vest jersey right. It's a small detail, I know, but they make it all one piece (they make it look like a two tone jersey with sleeves so that the black and the white are together). You can then see the undershirt under the sleeves if the players are wearing long sleeves. I wish they could get this right, but it's not huge and it's not my main issue. The other thing is that once again this year they made our black alternate jersey an away only jersey. So the options we have are the standard white home jersey we started wearing last year, the pin striped vest, the throwback vest to the 60s that everyone loves, and the batting practice jersey. Away we have the standard gray we started wearing last year, and the black alternate and I am pretty sure the batting practice jersey. I'm not sure if there is a gray throwback vest to the 60s for the away games. I will have to look into that. One thing I will mention is that the throwback vest looks really nice. I didn't like it last year for some reason but it looks awesome this year.

Another feature that some of you guys are going to like is that they included classic stadiums this year, and Forbes Field is available. You need to get a voucher when you buy the game to unlock 6 classic stadiums for free. I've heard they did a really nice job on them. I was never at Forbes Field so somebody else would have to tell me if it's close. I noticed that you can't see the Cathedral of Learning in the game, though, and am unsure if that was true to life or if they picked a period where the Cathedral wasn't build yet. It would have been huge for them to have that in the game (for me, anyway).

I think that's about it around the Pirates in the game. If anybody wants any other information I can check it out - player ratings, whatever.

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