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Reader of the Dejan's Q&A figured out Ian Snell
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Author:  nad69dan [ Thu Jun 19, 2008 9:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Reader of the Dejan's Q&A figured out Ian Snell

Ian Snell seems to be a mere shell of himself. The cocky, bulldog attitude he had last year seems to be gone. Before his contract, he seemed to use that bulldog to prove to everyone that he was worthy of a big contract. Now he has the contract, but not the "bulldog.

Ian, remember what got you that contract: Your desire and your attitude to intimidate batters. Now, you seem to want to finesse the batters or fool them into swinging at breaking balls. Please get your attitude back, throw inside a lot, and don't be afraid of the bat. When someone says he doesn't like to throw inside, I know the bulldog is gone. The batters will get out of the way, if they don't they get hit. Big deal. They get first base. But a message is sent. Your new style of pitching gives them first base with a walk and also sends a message. However, that message to the batters is killing you.

Come on Ian, bring back your attitude. Challenge, compete, swagger on the mound and intimidate.

George Bradley of Mars

Basically it boils down to a Case of 'Wild Thing' Vaughn in Major League 2, who went soft when he was in the money...Someone needs to get him a leather vest, and bad ass haircut, some glasses with a Skull and Cross bones, and Tom Berringer and Wesley Snipes

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