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 Post subject: The 79 Bucs....
PostPosted: Sun Aug 16, 2009 4:28 pm 

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I read the article about the 79 Bucs in today's Trib. It should be a great weekend next week celebrating the 30th anniversary. It made me think about a poem I wrote for the 25th anniversary of the WS Championship. Not sure if I ever shared it with this board or not. If not, here it is.


Listen up Buc fans, and you shall hear
About our Pirates’ last Championship Year,
In the month of October, in ’79,
Our Bucs were the champs, we were all feeling fine.
We each have our memories, and here are mine.

It’s so hard to say, what gave them the edge.
Could it have been the words of Sister Sledge?
As the season went on, we had an exciting September.
It was so long ago, it’s getting hard to remember
The team was a fam-a-lee, each guy was a member.

They could do it by land, or do it by air.
They could hit the ball hard, and run like a hare.
A great bunch of guys, with plenty of charm,
With a sprinkling of kids from down on the farm.
Plus a great pitching staff, with lots of good arms.

They called themselves “The Lumber and Lightning.”
They had power and speed. Their lineup was frightening.
They were led by Stargell, the man they called “Pops”.
As great humans go, Willie was tops.
To get us a win, he’d pull out all the stops.

After each game, he’d pass out his stars.
There were just so many, it was like a trip to mars.
His guys never gave up. They tried and they tried.
His leadership was awesome. It was so magnified.
On Willie’s shoulders, the team was along for the ride.

Meanwhile, his friends at second and short,
would fight till the end to hold down the fort.
Foli and Scap Iron, the ultimate team guys,
They’d fight till the death to bring home that prize.
The Bucs won it all! Was it any surprise??

The pitching staff vital. It helped the team soar.
Six different pitchers won ten games or more.
The Candy Man won 14 and Bruce Kison, one less.
And Dutchman and Bibby added 12 to the rest.
Romo and Teke had 10. Who would have guessed?

An Under 3 E.R.A., for four of the ten.
And 52 saves thrown in by the pen.
Five more guys had 3.60 or better.
The whole Pitching staff was full of go-getters.
That whole Pirate team was a bunch of trend-setters.

This was a team, with the chemistry just right.
For each other, They’d claw, and they’d fight!
Youth and vets mixed, for each other they’d holler.
The had kids like Don Robby, a young fire-baller,
and they brought back Sangy, a vet signal-caller.

Veteran leaders like Rooker and Jackson,
taught those kids how to fight, though all of the action.
A great catching platoon, with Nicosia and Ott.
And Mad Dog at third could just hit a lot.
While Omar ran and ran and rarely got caught.

The bench on that team was great. It was crazy!
Milner and Stennett and Easler and Lacy.
Don’t forget Alexander, exclusively a pinch runner.
Watching that team—--Man, nothing was funner.
If only they still, were announced by the Gunner.

Bill Robinson went from Super Sub to starter.
He played the game right. He tried harder and harder.
So many positions: Outfield, first, and third.
He just went out and played, with nary a word.
He gave it his all, no matter what had occurred.

The man they called Cobra dominated Right Field.
A big physical speciman, with a God-like Build.
He would coil his bat, then strike like a snake.
The pitchers would quiver. Their bodies would shake.
His hits were like rockets, ‘specially mistakes!

He had a great arm that was feared by all.
He could throw guys out from the base of the wall.
He threw like “The Great One”. His balls they took flight.
His arm--a huge cannon. His throws were so tight.
He threw out base runners nearly every night.

They started out slowly. Their defense was lacking.
In the middle of April, the sent Tavaras packing.
They made a big trade, got Foli from the Mets
It tightened their defense. Their lineup was set.
But they just weren’t consistent, at least not yet.

At the end of April, they were still four games under.
Couldn’t they do any better, everyone wondered?
In the middle of May, they started to win.
They got back to .500, 36 games in.
The fam-a-lee was forming. They were playing like kin.

By the middle of June, Stennett was slipping.
Injuries took their toll. His body was ripping.
It became obvious that they needed a change.
They needed a second baseman that had better range.
They acquired Mad Dog, and the lineup looked strange.

Mad Dog played third. They moved Scrap Iron to second.
Stennett’s a bench guy now? That’s what I reckoned.
The team got hot in July, won nine in a row.
They moved up in the standings, it started to show.
Can they keep it going? How far can they go?

They went back and forth for a couple of weeks.
Got into first August 5th, with a nice winning streak.
They stayed in first place till the 20th of September.
They got good play from every team member.
It’s coming back now, I’m starting to remember.

Then they lost three in a row to the Phils and the Cubs.
They fell into second behind Montreal’s club.
They went up and down those last ten days of the season.
Can they stay together, or would we have a treason?
But, they got back into first, with Teamwork the reason.

Up first was the Reds, for the Championship games.
The Bucs, they were ready, and taking their aim.
The first game was great, close from the beginning.
I knew by the end, that Our Bucs would be winning.
They pulled out the game in 11 great innings.

Buck Jackson got the win and Robby the save.
The Pirates hung tough. They played it so brave.
Garner and Stargell, they both hit Home Runs.
Candy pitched great. He was having some fun.
At the end of it all, the Bucs won game one!

Game two was great, extra innings again.
The Bucs beat the Reds 3-2 in ten!
Robby got the win. His arm was bewitching.
He came through for us, with some really tough pitching.
After two games in Cinncy, their fans all were bitching.

Back to the ‘Burgh to play in game three.
Blyleven was superb, a complete game victory.
This one wasn’t close. The Reds they were done.
Buc fans they were cheering, and having such fun.
The Bucs swept Cincinnati three games to none.

When it was over, Pops jumped with glee.
He was the team leader and got M.V.P.
Once again he led them, as they went off to war.
He just stood back and watched the fans roar.
As they got themselves ready to face Baltimore.

Game One is here, but the Bucs don’t seem ready.
What happened to the pitching, that had seemed so steady?
Kison got blown out. Five runs in the first.
Fans were depressed. This was the worst.
Is this the end. Had our bubble burst?

Blyleven started game two, and really hung tough.
Just Two runs in six innings, but was it enough?
Once again Robby and the bullpen came through.
They came back for the win, hanging together like glue!
The Bucs won the second game three runs to two!

We won’t discuss game three, cause the Orioles got lucky.
Candy Man started, but really pitched sucky.
Then game four was bad, cause The pen blew the lead.
We were down three to one. It looked bad indeed!
One more victory was all they would need.

If we wanted to win, we needed three in a row.
Could the Bucs do it? I just didn’t know.
We won Game 5 behind Blyleven and Rook.
The Bucs hung together and got a win in the book.
Just two more wins and would be all it took.

Back to Maryland for the last two we’d go.
We needed a win to go on with the show.
In order to be champs, we would now need a sweep.
Candy was pitching, and this one was for keeps.
I can still recall it was difficult to sleep.

A great pitching effort for Candy and Teke.
They shut out the O’s,four to zip, how sweet.
The whole team was buzzin’, our engine was revvin’.
The Bucs won Game six like a gift from Heaven.
We were now getting ready to play in game seven.

Bibby started, and kept the game tight.
The Bucs had the lead through six innings that night.
It was a nail-biter, 2-1 after eight.
Tekulve was on, and a save would be great!
Two runs in the ninth sealed the fam-a-lee’s fate!

Our team won the Series! We were on top.
The MVP again, was Willie, our “Pops”.
Our Bucs were the Champs. That was the last time.
It’s been 30 years since our team was so fine.
Hopefully, you remember after reading this rhyme!


"Live proud! Laugh Loud! Standout in a Crowd!"

 Post subject: Re: The 79 Bucs....
PostPosted: Mon Aug 17, 2009 12:37 pm 

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very well done. i re-lived the season as i read it.

now? looks like time for 3 more home defeats.

 Post subject: Re: The 79 Bucs....
PostPosted: Mon Aug 17, 2009 8:04 pm 
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Animal - I would've read the poem, but I had to finish reading something a lot shorter - Anna Karenina.

 Post subject: Re: The 79 Bucs....
PostPosted: Mon Aug 17, 2009 9:04 pm 

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 Post subject: Re: The 79 Bucs....
PostPosted: Mon Aug 17, 2009 9:39 pm 

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Bucfan wrote:
Animal - I would've read the poem, but I had to finish reading something a lot shorter - Anna Karenina.

It's a little long, but it's a long season, and there were LOTS of contributors.

"Live proud! Laugh Loud! Standout in a Crowd!"

 Post subject: Re: The 79 Bucs....
PostPosted: Tue Aug 18, 2009 9:20 am 
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Very good! Enjoyed that!

I miss the days when we had players who ran like a hare. Even the guys who didn't run like a hare ran.

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